LSE Leaders

The La Crosse Regional Airport provides daily air service to the 7 Rivers Region ensuring robust economic development, supporting regional employers, and providing quality leisure travel options for the regions residents. Not only does local air service help your business connect to the global economy, but it also provides a higher-quality life to your employees ensuring that our region is able to recruit the talent that is needed to make business happen.

Who are LSE Leaders

LSE Leaders are businesses and organizations of any size who choose to support LSE and adopt a travel policy requesting or directing employees to fly through the LSE airport. The program is highly flexible with your company defining the parameters that will go into your corporate travel policy - we do not make that decision for you. The regional airport is your asset and as an owner of this fine asset we need your support.

As the La Crosse Regional airport is your asset, becoming an LSE Leader allows your business to make greater use of this asset. These are some of the potential benefits your business can realize by becoming an LSE Leader


Leadership Starts with You

Developing and advancing our regional air service is an economic goal that should be important to all types of businesses in the Coulee Region.

Becoming an LSE Leader

How do I join? You can use one of our sample policies (located here), modify your current policy, or create a brand new travel policy to fit your needs. To assist you in your policy development on the financial end we have put together a Excel cost calculator here. Finally, we will need an e-mail to [email protected] requesting to join the program. You can also send your digital logo and permission to use it for recognition in the program and a date that we can schedule a photo session with the Airport Director and key leaders in your business that you wish to highlight. We will depend on your organization to assist us with air service surveys and key data requests from our airline partners.

Why LSE Leaders

Developing and advancing our regional air service is an economic goal that should be important to all types of businesses in the Coulee Region.

The current air service demand in our market can support expanded airline service. To get there we need the direct support of our regional employers who are of significant importance to our airline partners. With your organization's partnership we can push to expand our route offerings, strengthen economic impacts, and increase the quality of life for the residents of our region through better air service.

Support for this initiative has been provided by La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce, 7 Rivers Alliance, La Crosse Area Development Corporation, and Winona Chamber of Commerce. A joint letter outlining the program support can be found here.

Thank you for your interest in the LSE Leaders program. We hope you will join us!

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LSE Leaders for their support: